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Everybody is interested in a clean house and use various chemical based conventional cleaners to accomplish this job. Many people unknowingly use dangerous cleaners for their kitchens, bathrooms, windows and floors.
They never know that behind instant results there are very harmful chemicals like peroxide, phosphates, nitrobenzene and other similar harsh chemicals that quite dangerous to our health and environment too.

Such chemical based cleansers have serious potential to cause various lungs, eyes and skin diseases. Many people with sensitive skin have even reported irritation.
Eventually these chemicals contaminate the water we drink or food we eat thereby entering our bodies and food cycle. Are you aware that the air inside your house can become thrice more polluted when compared with outer air? Really, it is a possibility and here you yourself are responsible for this by using chemical based cleaners

1. Ammonia & Diethylene Glycol - These chemicals are used in bathroom cleaners and are really poisonous if inhaled or swallowed.

2. Chlorine - Present in various cleaners and is quite irritating to skin and eyes.

3. Air fresheners - They contain synthetic scents and phthalates that are known to cause cancers and allergens.

4. Formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane - It is present in dish cleaners and causes cancers.

There are many other harmful chemicals used in hundreds of other conventional cleaners so you can imagine what is in store for you due to their continuous usage.
You will find many "green" cleaning products on market that also have all or few of above ingredients.
They are labelled as green products as they have such chemicals in lesser quantities, so you should desist from such products and should opt for natural cleaning products only as they contain pure natural substances only.
The wise manufacturers of natural cleaning products also use bio-degradable containers or even use recycled containers as they are truly committed to save the environment.
Today natural cleaning products are becoming immensely popular. More often we see households cleaning their windows with these "green products", and we can only be satisfied by this evolution.
You can order these cleaning products on many online stores and they will ship your order within few hours. You can get some lucrative deals on bulk purchase of such natural cleaning products.

Apr 2018
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Apr 2018
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